Friday, August 31, 2012


I sure have been a slacker haven't I? I am honestly not sure where the time has gone since I last posted. I guess life just took over? I DO know that this past week....Isaac has taken over! Man O Man...for a Category 1 hurricane, this bastard storm has wrecked havoc on so many areas. Luckily we were spared but not so lucky for some of our neighboring cities/towns. There is wide-spread flooding, levees overflowing or breaching, water rising in rivers, creeks and bayous...and swamps! Thousands have had to evacuate either due to flooding or impending flooding. I just cannot imagine a knock on my door saying.."you have 90 minutes to evacuate". Where do you begin? What do you take with you? What do you leave behind? I thought we "had a plan" but when I really sat down and thought about it...I have no plan. So this weekend, a plan will be made. Sure I have your normal "hurricane survival kit" but if I had to leave, not knowing if I had anything to come back to...I shudder to think about it.So after complaining...yes I was a complainer, I admit it...about having no AC for 2 days...I am ashamed and humbled after seeing the pictures on the news of surrounding areas. Someone posted that we should all be ashamed about complaining and my comment was that its human nature to complain about inconveniences during these storms. That doesn't make us bad just means that at that moment, perhaps we aren't looking at the big picture. What's important is that once we do take the time to look at the big picture....we look within ourselves and know that we had a moment of weakness...we regroup.....and find a way to help those who have lost so much more than we have. This weekend we will be baking and cooking and delivering it to those in need, whether it be one of the shelters or a group of those Entergy/power workers who are working hard, risking their lives, to restore power to thousands who are still without power. It feels like such a little to do and I wish I could do so much more. But I guess if enough people does just a will grow into being a lot. I still have visions of working at the shelter after Katrina...the stories we heard...the horror...the pain...the sadness...
it is something I will never forget. 
None of us ever should.

We can do no great things, only small things with great love.  
~Mother Teresa~

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