Friday, June 3, 2016

Falling....& Rising

Falling and rising....that can take on so many different meanings. This week, it was a literal in I fell...but I rose...with lots of help...physical and emotional help! Let's back up to Sunday night/Monday morning....2:47a.m. to be exact! As I was getting out of bed for potty time, I stepped on the charger for my cell phone that was plugged into an extension strip...felt my foot start to roll as I slid off the bed....couldn't stop myself as much as I tried. Down I went in slow motion (so it seemed) hyper extended my knee and ended up on my butt! Several not so nice words came out of my mouth. I sat there trying to collect myself knowing I could not get up alone. I was able to reach my cell phone...called Rene' who was asleep on the couch praying he would hear his phone. He did....thank God. He was there in an instant saying "What the hell did you do"? Then the tears started. As you all know I am not a little person so I knew he would not be able to help me up knee was hurting way too much to even attempt getting up on my knees then letting him help me not that simple!! Plus the last thing I needed was for him to hurt his back! He called Jordan and with reassurance from him (that they would not drop me) the next thing I knew I was on my feet. How I did not pee on myself...I will never know. I walked to the bathroom just fine with Rene' and Jordan hovering in the hallway to make sure I was okay and made it back to bed okay!! My leg and knee hurt so bad but I was just so glad to be up on my feet and walking okay that I ignored the pain. I fell back asleep after some tears and praying. I made it to work Monday but was just so upset all day. I was mad at myself...humiliated that I could not get up on my own and just plain disgusted! My girls at work were so me hugs...even crying with me (sorry I made you cry Dorian). Once I got home, I was so sore and down in the dumps, I let my boss know that I would not be in on Tuesday and knowing I was already off Wednesday, I would have time to rest and re-coup! BEST decision I ever made...I really think that made all the difference.I felt ready to conquer the world on Thursday (sort of) I got lots of hugs arriving to work and those damned tears started again! It was just overwhelming the sweet words of encouragement I got from my girls...I am not sure if they will truly know how they lifted me also! Thanks ladies! Yes I am still sore and the bruises are a nice shade of purples...
but I rose!

Between my 3 sisters and my brother, we have all had our share of falling and rising in the last few weeks. From passing out and having 11 stitches in his having cardiac a badly broken ankle that is giving her 3 kinds of a broken rib that is hurting like having some anxiety, shortness of breath to more cardiac workup....we seem to be falling apart! No we aren't young anymore, but we aren't old either. Its just a bump in the road...some of our bumps larger than others. As functionally dysfunctional as we are...and as many times we have agreed to disagree...we have come together and helped to lift one matter what we are there for one another....and that is such a good feeling. So after a total messed up week...I have to say....
I love you Becky, Roxane, Randy & Renee'!
 We rose...and we will continue to!

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