Saturday, July 20, 2013


I am super excited...want to know why? Well I will tell you why! For several years I have "piddled" around with computer graphics. I love doing it and it lead me to creating a weekly newsletter. I make all of my own graphics for my header and signature on my newsletter and also for this blog. I have been asked to create graphics for family members ....logos, labels, business cards and flyers. My sister, who is the proud owner of her very own baking/fondant business, Fancy Cakes, LLC, sent me a couple of her baker friends who wanted logos designed. SO I decided if I am going to do this, why not get a little compensation for it? So I am starting out small, and seeing where this goes. Here are a few of the things I have designed.


This is a business card I made for my sister who does amazing memorial blankets

This is a logo I created for my brother who makes the best BBQ/Dipping sauce around...not sure which one he decided to use.

The latest logo I made for my sister's cake/fondant business...she does AMAZING fondant work...check out her FB page'll agree!

And this is a flyer I made for my sister for her 35th class reunion. Sorry but I blocked out her personal info

These are also a couple of things I created for a co-worker and my sister-in-law as wedding gifts.

Something simple I created for my grandson....I also have one made for all my great nieces and nephews ( will get them to ya'll soon)

SO..this is my newest adventure. If you or anyone you know is looking for a LOGO...send them my way. OH the name of my "company" is


  1. are on your way!!!! Best wishes for a successful venture. I know you will do well ~~~~~~ just have to get the word out!!!
    Proud Mom!!! ♥

  2. Thanks Mom...need all the encouragement I can get!!!