Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today is my Friday and I am SO happy about that! Love those 3 day weekends. The weather has been perfect and life is good! How's that for a happy rant? Oh sure, there is lots to complain about but I prefer to focus on the positive....what about you?
This week we celebrated 36 years of marriage. WOW 36 years...that is my entire adult life! I can remember the day we got married just like it was yesterday! It was the wedding fiasco to end all wedding fiasco's! of our groomsman was still drunk from the night before and almost passed out on the altar. As we arrive at the church, someone mentions that the cake STILL had not arrived at the reception hall...they all assured me it would be fine and it was, the cake was there when we arrived!! Ahhhh but the saga of the cake continues! Our best man, RJ, was trying to open the champagne for the toast...well the cork broke in the bottle so as he is trying to get it out, the neck of the bottle cracks and slices his guessed it...blood splattered ALL over...yes on the cake too! SO we could not drink the champagne, and had to throw away half of the cake!!! He had to go to the ER for stitches so he is not in a bunch of our pictures!!Thankfully, the rest of the reception went well. UNTIL...on the way home, we followed my in-laws because my father-in-law had a little (too much) to we are following them, they pull over, you guessed it, he had to barf! WELL as he did, he lost his dentures in a ditch full of muddy water. My hubby had to get IN the ditch IN his tux to fish for his Dad's dentures! Luckily he found them and saved the day, sort of! No he did not put the dentures back in his mouth right then, he waited until he got home and soaked them...ewww~! And that my friends, was our wedding day, in a nutshell. We look back on it and have some great laughs about it but as it was unfolding before our eyes, it wasn't so funny!
Here we are on that happy day 36 years ago....

Don't ya just dig those velvet lapels??? And that bow tie...OH MY ! Ahhh good times!

And this is what was delivered to my office on Tuesday....

Aren't they gorgeous? OH and they smell wonderful! Thank you Rene''s to 36 more!


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