Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sugar Coated......

I really hate going to the doctor! Yes, I know I am a nurse...but none the less...still hate it! You go there feeling okay and come home with a whole bunch of diagnoses...just doesn't seem right! I found out yesterday that I now have diabetes. They called it Pre-diabetes, but it is what it is! Not happy about it at all, but what can I do? So I begin a new journey and pray that I can lose some weight and get this under control. At first I was the life! But I have decided that I may have diabetes, but it doesn't have me. I will beat this! 24 hours ago, you would not have heard those words coming out of my mouth. BUT after watching Oprah's finale, I feel totally different! If you didn't see it, then you must go to her website and watch it. I would swear she was talking right to me....hmmmm maybe she was? I will continue to share some great recipes with you...some sugar free...some not....because I can !

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