Monday, October 14, 2013


I know we have all heard the saying "it's the little things in life that are important"...and altho we believe that, it isn't until you actually experience one of those "little things" that you truly appreciate that saying! Let me explain...over the past couple of years, our family ( my siblings ) have had our share of ups and downs...more downs that I care to admit. Far too often we let pride get in the way, we kept things inside instead of speaking up and addressing the real issues, we felt like "its her/him and not me", we held grudges, we hurt one another thus hurting ourselves and sad to admit, we gossiped about one another to the others. I know that no family is perfect and siblings all have thier share of disagreements. This past weekend, my older (haha) sister Becky and my brother Randy planned a weekend get away for us, our spouses and our Mom. We visited our tiny coastal town of Grand Isle, La. 

We stayed at a very nice and spacious "camp" that lacked nothing...on the was beautiful! 

I will be the first to admit that when this was originally planned, I thought, "oh Lord, all of us together in one camp for 3 whole days?" But let me tell was perfect. It was just what we all needed. We reconnected, reminisced, laughed and ate like H.O.G.S ! Not one ugly word was spoken, everyone had a smile on their face all was the best! I love my siblings so much and was so glad to be able to have that time with them. We are so blessed and sometimes we forget that. The past is just that...the past. We are all getting older and we need to get every single bit out of our lives that we can...while we can. And I feel we did just that this weekend.

 We watched the sunrise and the sunset...

we just sat outside and enjoyed the gulf breeze..

.we had a sing along compliments of my brother in law Vincent...

we took a few family photos...
 Mom with the 5 of us

The brother-in-laws with Lisa, our sista!

 The brother-in-laws! Crazy bunch!!
 The five of us with our "Daddy Blankets"
My sister, Roxane made these for us using Daddy's shirts.
One of our most prized possessions!

(The 5 of us with our spouses)

and we all felt my Dad's presence there with us!
 This is a picture of my Daddy in Grand Isle many years ago.
That is his original hat and camera that he was wearing in the picture.

 And here is Randy wearing Daddy's hat and camera...he looks so much like our Daddy!!

It doesn't get much better than that! I am so proud to call them my siblings and I love their spouses very much! My heart is content....everyone should feel that...all the time. Don't let a day go by without letting the special people in your life know how much they mean to you. Will we still have our ups and downs? I am sure we will, but I think we all have a new appreciation for "family"and I don't think we will allow unimportant things to come between us again.
Mom and Dad.....ya done good!


  1. LOVE this posting!! And loved the weekend with family...way overdue for sure. Everything was perfect....nice, relaxing time. Sometimes being "still" together is all that is needed to have a good time together :) God is so good!!!

  2. Love this! I too, being from a big family have found ourselves as siblings not always being the kindest to each other, then Mommy dies, and we are all left with our feelings of lonliness allowing pettiness in. Life is to short, we, once again are united in family and life is good. Love your Blog!

  3. Awesome Mona. Thanks for sharing with us!!! It was indeed a "coming home" of sorts. I pray the road we all have left to travel will remain as open as last weekend was. We can make it so!!! Love, Mom